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Please see important legislative changes as a result of House Bill 974, which go into effect on July 1, 2023. Click here to view the bill.

Effective July 1, 2023 with approval and adoption by the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority Board of Directors, UCC filers can begin to submit UCC forms with a revision date of July 1, 2023, as of the same date.
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Welcome to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority electronic filing portal.

Voluntary Participation

This portal was created by the GSCCCA in cooperation with the Superior Court Clerks of Georgia in an effort to improve the technology of the Superior Court Clerks' offices and to find new ways to streamline the document filing process at no cost to state or local government. The Authority has created this portal under its legislative mandate in OCGA 15-6-94 to "develop, acquire, and distribute record management systems, information, services, supplies, and materials for superior court clerks of the state." The Authority recognizes that the adoption and use of electronic filing technologies may vary from county to county. Participation in this portal by a county is voluntary. Counties may elect to participate in this portal and/or a separate portal of their choosing.