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Frequently Asked Questions for Filers
  1. How do I create an account?
    Select Account Management then select Register. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Please note, usernames and email addresses must be unique.
  2. How do I log in?
    Select Log In to access the log in page. Enter the username and password you specified when creating your account. If you have not yet created an account, see number 1 above.
  3. How do I log out?
    Select Log Out located in top, right area of the page. If you are not logged in, this will read Log In instead of Log Out.
  4. How do I begin filing a document?
    Upon log in, users are taken to the Current Filings page. To file a new document, select Filings then New Filing. Next, select the type of filing, then select the county in which you wish to file and select Continue. The fee schedule related to the file type and county will display. Review the fees then select Continue. Follow the instructions on the subsequent pages to complete your filing.
  5. Why don't I see the county where I wish to file in the County list?
    All counties participating in the eFile system will appear in the County list. If the county you wish to file in does not appear on the County list, then the county currently is not participating in the eFile system. As counties are added, the list will be updated.
  6. When I submit my filing, is the filing process complete?
    No. After submitting the filing, payment is required. Once payment has been made, the Clerk’s office in which you are filing will be notified that the filing is ready to be reviewed.
    NOTE: The Clerk’s office will not receive filings for review until payment has been made. Once the Clerk’s office has reviewed your filing, it will either be accepted or rejected. Upon acceptance, the filing process is complete.
  7. How do I change my password?
    Select Account Management then select Change Password. Follow the instructions to complete the password change.
  8. How do I pay the fees for my filing(s)?
    From the Current Filings page, select Pay Fees. Select the check box next to the filing(s) to which payment should be applied, then select Continue to Confirmation. Select the desired payment method then enter the payment information. Once payment information is entered, select Confirm Payment. To complete payment, verify the information, then select Pay.
  9. How many users may have access to a single escrow account?
    One. Only the user who created the escrow account may access the funds.
  10. What can I do if my filing is rejected?
    When filing is rejected, the filing may be resubmitted, cancelled or archived. To resubmit the filing, check the box next to the filing then select Resubmit to make the necessary changes to the filing.
  11. How do I establish an escrow account?
    Select Funding & Payments and then select Deposit Funds. Next, select Fund Account. Enter the amount to fund, then select payment method (credit card or bank account), and complete the required fields and select Confirm Payment. Verify the information and select Pay.

    Account balance may be viewed by selecting Funding & Payment then Payment History.
  12. Why would I want an escrow account?
    Users who submit numerous filings or file on a regular basis may find it more convenient to use an escrow account in order to avoid entering payment information every time filing fees are authorized.